K.L.E. Society's

Shri Kadasiddheshwar Arts College & H.S.Kotambri Science Institute

Vidyanagar, Hubballi-580031, Karnataka State, India

(Accredited by NAAC at ‘A+’ Grade with 3.28 CGPA in fourth cycle)

Society Profile

Karnatak Lingayat Education Society, Belagavi

Karnatak Lingayat Education Society, Belagavi was established in 1916, by seven dedicated and highly educated eternal visionary founders viz Shri. S. S. Basavanal, Shri. M. R. Sakhare, Shri. H.F. Kattimani, Shri. P.R. Chikodi, Shri. B.B. Mamadapur, Shri. B.S. Hanchinal, Shri. V.V. Patil. They were supported by three great patrons, Sardar V.G. Naik Bahadur Desai, Rao Bahadur R.C. Artal, Rao Bahadur V.A. Anigol.

The seed of education sown by these visionaries has grown into Asia’s best consortium with many traditional and professional institutions under the unique leadership and unflinching determination of Dr. Prabhakar B. Kore, MP Chairman, K.L.E. Society, and Belagavi. The Society has entered into collaboration with many reputed foreign universities. Over the years, the Society has grown into a virtual knowledge movement and presently encompasses as many as 250 institutions, 16,000 employees, around 1, 25, 000 students and KLE Health University. A new chapter has dawned at the KLE Society with the launch of the KLE Technological University (Under Karnataka University Act, 2013) in its fold.

Various Courses in Basic Sciences, Social Sciences and Management Sciences, Tourism, Hotel Management, Engineering and Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dental and Medical Sciences, Educational Training, and many others are offered by the Institutions of K. L. E Society. Each of these institutions, like the honey bee, siphons knowledge from far and wide and converts it into redefined educational curricula that benefit the knowledge seekers. What the K. L. E Society is today is the result of the cumulative efforts and selfless strivings of many over the decades. But it was the spark lit by the founders- and the visionaries around them that enabled all that followed as a beacon of hope which lights up the educational landscape.